Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nursery Direct Upright Juniper Bonsai Tree III Best Shopping Sites

Nursery Direct Upright Juniper Bonsai Tree III

  • Gorgeous Upright Style Bonsai Tree
  • Top Quality Bonsai From
  • A Great Bonsai Tree at a Great Price
  • Satisfaction Unconditionally Guaranteed

This is an upright style Juniper Bonsai tree.

A gently swaying trunk gives this tree simplicity, beauty, balance, proportion and realism. This bonsai has depth and definition and looks like a million bucks in person. It also looks great from a distance because of its great silhouette. A full arching canopy gives this tree the look of an age old tree. The trunk is weathered, thick and gnarled (like most of my friends).

These 15 year-old Bonsai trees stand 26-30 inches tall and come planted

Price: $ 189.95

Best Shopping Sites

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