Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Where can i buy japanese 'bonsai' saplings within australia?

Question by Lauchlan: Where can i buy japanese ‘bonsai’ saplings within australia?
I want to grow my first bonsai tree and i really love the look of the japanese evergreen… how much would i be looking at for a sapling? how long can it take to get it to look more like a miniature tree rather than a sapling? (im expecting 5-10 years) do japanese evergreens grow well in Australia? and further hints and tips for a beginner would be greatly appreciated… i will be researching into further sources for bonsai maintenance etc.
I know that bonsai isn’t a species of plant I’ve done my research I’m just trying to find ‘bonsai’ (notice the epostrophes) ‘saplings’
And I know that I don’t HAVE to buy a Japanese one but I want to because I love the look of it
Seriously guys (first two repliers) I’m not that stupid.
In other words… Does anyone know any suppliers of evergreen clippings suitable for the practice of bonsai?

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Answer by Iwo Jima
A bonsai is just a small form of any kind of plant. There is nothing like a bonsai sapling, you have to make the plant grow in this small form from day one by using the “bonsai techniques”. You can look up in the internet how do do it or buy a book and start with a plant that naturally grows well in Autralia.
Good luck and a lot of patience

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