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JWH-018 Aka Spice, K2, Serenity Now, And Legal Weed - What You NEED To Know

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Article by Bob Sacamano

<span style=”font-size: medium”><span style=”text-decoration: underline”><span style=”color: #339966″>Should You Buy 99.9% Pure JWH? Is JWH-018 Safe? Is it legal? </span></span></span>

Marijuana has been viewed negatively in America for generations. Many people who enjoyed smoking were forced to stop when they got some sort of job that drug tested. Imagine a form of marijuana that wouldn’t show up on drug tests, yet still gave you a nice relaxing buzz. Look no farther because synthetic marijuana does exist and it goes by the name of JWH.

<span style=”color: #0000ff”><span style=”text-decoration: underline”>JWH-018 and JWH-073</span> </span>(Spice, K2, Serenity Now) research started a few years back in Germany. Different cannabanoids were synthetically created which mimic the effects of actual cannabis. JWH use has spread like a wildfire although the long term effects have not been identified. In fact, it’s actually marketed as a bonsai fertilizer and is specifically not for human consumption. However it does also exist in blends of incense which are obviously made to be smoked even though they don’t suggest it. JWH is probably a benign chemical but very well could some hazard effects. It really is not right that people are turning to this alternative unknown chemical because they have to pass a drug test or fear being arrested.JWH-018 (commonly known as bonsai fertilizer, K2, serenity now, spice, or “legal weed”) is relatively cheap compared to marijuana prices these days and is basically advertised as a marijuana alternative. In many states it has been outlawed, or is waiting to be outlawed and the dea has listed it under the area of “chemicals for concern”. Now would be the time to stock up on this substance although you will be doing so at the risk of your health. This is the type of situation that hard working Americans are cornered into. {Smoke|Inhale| an unknown substance or smoke the knowingly safe marijuana and risk losing there job. Most people will take a little bit of brain damage or higher risk of cancer sad as it is.Another way JWH-018 differs from marijuana is in the actual dose. A gram of marijuana is a standard amount to smoke in a setting between a couple of people. With JWH you literally have to weigh it out in milligrams. It is very easy to over do it especially when someone is “eyeballing” out the dose. Typically this will lead to a reaction of paranoia and or uncomfortable bodily physical sensations. It could also lead to a panic attack. However, many users report very positive effects that are quite similar to marijuana. These include relaxation, altered thinking, altered taste, among other sensations which are enhanced.Overall JWH-073 is a good chemical, but it’s probably notsuitable for human use until further research into the effects on health have been studied.

Once properly researched, if it is found to be safe over time, and it’s not 100% illegal in the US by then (states are starting to outlaw it) it’s a nice cheaper alternative to marijuana. Unfortunately, it isn’t able to compete with the taste and pleasantness of smoking real marijuana, but it’s 100% more legal. It seems very chemical and synthetic compared to marijuana’s natural feel. In the meantime it will help thousands of people to enjoy marijuana’s effects when they normally would not be able to. In this essence, JWH is a life saver for many.

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