Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bonsai Tree pictures If you want to create and own beautiful Bonsai Trees, then get ready for some good news. Click the link and Every single step…from the types of trees & plants that are suitable for Bonsai will be explained in detail.

The first phase creating an origami rose bush bonsai, preparing the trunk of the tree. Origami Rose Bush Bonsai This is not so much a tutorial, but rather my experience creating a Bonsai Rose bush. Creating an origami bonsai is as much an exercise of creativity, as it it one of skill. Most of the actual origami that goes into a Bonsai tree — flowers and leaves mostly — can be found by searching the web for the many video tutorials available. Kawasaki Rose Revisited Kawasaki Rose Leaves Materials You’ll need to gather a few materials, roughly in the order you’ll need them: -20 Gage copper wire (or some other soft flexible wire) -50-100 1 inch strips of news print -1-2 cups of paper mache glue (1:5 flour:water, Stirred briskly, brought to a boil for a minute or two, then cooled before use (add a tsp of salt to prevent mould) -Red, green, and brown tissue foil (you’ll need to make this this: tissue, heavy duty kitchen foil, white glue) -Fine brown textured paper for the trunk of the bonsai (or some brown paint) -Small bonsai pot -Small piece of foam for flower arranging -A cup or two of coloured aquarium gravel -A small handful of sheet moss (optional) Tools Small pair of pliers for shaping the copper wire frame Sharp scissors 2″ paint roller Pencil & Ruler 1 inch paint brush Thin, blunt stick for shaping Step 1 Plan Find Examples of bonsai trees Create a wireframe frame for the trunk and branches your bonsai tree. Use a thin flexible wire
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