Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stones in the Asia-Pacific Bonsai Exhibition in September Beijing opening

Article by jianglanbo

News came from the Beijing Botanical Garden, September 6 bonsai rocks in the Eighth Asia-Pacific Conference and Exhibition will be opened in the Beijing Botanical Garden. According to the Preparatory Committee, meetings and exhibitions will be held September 6 to 15, held in Beijing Botanical Garden and now has Germany, Singapore, Spain, nearly 20 countries and regions, formed a delegation to attend. In addition to live performances a number of bonsai masters, China’s 100 will also be a display of ancient pots of a major highlight of this exhibition, the Song Dynasty, Ming Dynasty of ancient pots of beautiful remote device is not only history, but also retains some the stories and legends.    Asia-Pacific Conference and Exhibition Bonsai Stones in Indonesia and the Indonesian Chinese Maipei Mr. Moon, Mr. Minister of Justice and others Yishameier initiated, held every two years.       According to the Organizing Committee Secretary-General, Chief Engineer of Beijing Botanical Garden Utilization under description, this exhibition will focus on the Asia-Pacific Bonsai rocks in the boutique, epitomized in the world bonsai rocks in the latest trends. The first national exhibition of Chinese works for bonsai exhibition and appraisal of the Sixth China bonsai exhibition first prize, second prize winner, first prize at the provincial level bonsai exhibition of new creative works and the main works of outstanding quality. And far, including Germany, South Africa, Vietnam, the Netherlands, the United States, Australia and more than 20 countries and Hong Kong and Macao regions Bonsai Stones lovers organize a delegation.       While the bonsai originated in China, but for the international bonsai also know little about China, more people also mistakenly think that bonsai originated in Japan. The event will enable international peer deep understanding of China bonsai, bonsai industry of China will also take this opportunity to the world “get to the root.”       In this event, Stones from China will have a large fossil in Guangxi, pottery stone, Zhejiang Qingtian Stone, Inner Mongolia’s Gobi stone, Fujian Shoushan Stone, Green Stone Laoshan in Shandong, Anhui Ling Bidan, Gansu Yellow pebbles, Hunan, chrysanthemum stone, wax, stone Chaozhou in Guangdong. Work on the exhibition, the organizing committee will Pingchu Gold, Silver and Bronze, for all the selected entries shortlisted entries will be awarded prizes. It is reported that the biggest highlight of this event is the highlight of another master site performance. By then, Jiangsu Yangzhou Zhao Qingquan will perform drought bonsai production; Wuhan, Hubei Ho Kam-sun will perform momentum bonsai production; Zhejiang Wenzhou Hu Yueguo will perform conifer bonsai production; Shanghai’s Jin-Lin Li will perform mini-bonsai-making; Beijing, Xi-Chao, etc. will show stumps bonsai and bonsai production Cindy. Bonsai artists from Taiwan Cheng Kung Cheng will do stumps bonsai production performances.

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