Monday, July 11, 2011

Selecting the Best Bonsai Plants

Article by Sarah Duke

It’s important that you are fully aware of what to look for when selecting a bonsai plant. In order for a bonsai to grow in the environment that you intend on placing it, you will need to know a few things to begin with. Aspects of the art of bonsai growing involve care, height, width, and shaping, which can be rather overwhelming if you don’t know what to do.

Listed below are some examples of the things you should look for before going out to purchase your very first bonsai plant.

Care Instructions

There are varies kinds of care instructions attached to the several varieties of bonsai plants. This is one of the very first things that you should look at when selecting a plant.

Be aware of the watering instructions. If you think that you may well forget to water your bonsai plant once in a while, then it will be worthwhile selecting a plant that does not require watering as frequently as others. On the other hand, if you tend to over water plants, then select a bonsai that can cope with extra moisture.

Sunlight is another major factor of a bonsai. A majority of bonsai plants will require a large amount of sunlight. Therefore, you must ensure that you have a location of your home in mind for your plant whereby it can receive a good amount of sunlight each day.


Another aspect to look for when selecting a bonsai plant is the height that it will grow to. Depending on where you plan on placing your plant, ensure that you have a sufficient amount of head room to allow it to grow properly. Of course, height may not be a factor if you plan to grow your bonsai plant outdoors. The same consideration applies to the width of the plant.


Ensure that once you have selected the bonsai tree that you require, you take a lesson on how to shape the tree. A majority of people enjoy the aesthetic aspect of bonsai tree growing. Therefore, in order to be true to the art, you will need to take the time and effort to shape the tree. You can use many different styles, or invent your very own unique style and shape.

However, regardless of what style and shape you select for your bonsai tree, it is of great importance that you use the correct tools. The tools that are required for shaping bonsai trees are available at garden centers.

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