Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sequoiadendron giganteum 盆栽

We grew this beautiful plant from a tiny seedling shoot for six months before attempting to prune and transfer it to its real home – a small blue pot. Everything has gone as well as we could hope so far. The Giant Sequoia needs plenty of sunlight and always-moist soil. We will let it get accustomed to its new environment before we try to wire its trunk to give it a more-interesting shape. If you have any tips on caring for bonsai, please leave us a comment on our channel. We would appreciate it. Thanks for watching! After note: Not long after we pruned and repotted our sequoia, we learned that the best way to thicken the trunk of a bonsai is to let it grow freely in the earth for as long as it takes and then prune, cutting off the top to the desired height. For a tree of these proportions, this might mean letting it grow to 10-20 feet tall before cutting back, depending on how big one wants the bonsai. We’ll let ours be for now.
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Giganteum, Sequoiadendron, 盆栽

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