Friday, February 4, 2011

Weeping Scots Pine 5-25-07.jpg Best Shopping Sites

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Weeping Scots Pine 5-25-07.jpg
bonsai nurseries

Image by OpenEye
This is a Scots pine I picked up a few years ago from a local nursery. They specialize in alpine plants and dwarf conifers. When they redo a landscape, they save special trees and plant them in pots. I found this awesome trunk and, in spite of the weeping habit of the tree, bought it.

Here it is after wiring today. It survived an interim repotting and subsequent scale attack last summer. Can’t wait to refine the design in future years (of course I’ve tweaked all the branches since I took this picture). . .

It stands 34" from the soil line; one of my largest trees.

Early-Morning DalatCity
bonsai nurseries

Trở dậy với những ngọn gió se buốt, từ balcony nhìn về thành phố vẫn còn nấn ná lờ đờ cơn ngáy ngủ, nhạc sỹ Lam Phương gọi là "thành phố buồn" nhưng với hình thái sinh hoạt địa phương đủng đa đủng đỉnh, thư thái, từ tốn, từ từ, tà tà, và đôi khi lờ đờ lười biến, nên thành phố buồn có thể được gọi là thành phố lờ đờ..!!!!!!

Vietnam's Dalat—nicknamed "The City of Love," "Le Petit Paris," and "City of Eternal Spring"—has long been popular with Vietnamese and expatriate artists and writers who have taken up residence in villas around town. The area, originally inhabited by the Lat and Ma hill tribes which now live in nearby Chicken Village and Lat Village, increased in popularity during the French colonial era. More than 2,000 beautiful French villas dot the area.

Dalat is known all over Vietnam for its flowers. Set next to Xuan Huong Lake, the Dalat Flower Gardens were established in 1966 by the Vietnamese government, and are refined continually. Among the tastefully arranged flora are orchids, hydrangeas, fuchsias, and ferns. Plants and flowers are also for sale, including special fern fibers used to stop bleeding in traditional oriental medicine. Across the road from the Flower Gardens are nurseries with various types of bonsai trees, artfully laid out around the lake.

Berberis 2-16-08
bonsai nurseries

Image by OpenEye
A small Barberry from a nursery that I’ve been working for a few years. Finally beginning to look like something.

This tree is about 6 inches tall.

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