Friday, February 25, 2011

Nice Pot Bonsai photos

A few nice pot bonsai images I found:

Imperial colection Bonsai – Japan #02
pot bonsai

Image by Rodrigo Sousa1
Age: 550 yrs Height: 81 cm

(Japanese white pine)

The Imperial Palace has a site for bonsai works called the Omichi Teien Garden. About 600 bonsai pieces representing some 90 species of plants are cultivated there. Among them are many hundreds-of-year-old trees. Bonsai at the Imperial Palace is characterized by three major features — many large bonsai works, nature-oriented bonsai formations that hold down artificial techniques as much as possible, and a number of antique trees aged more than 100. They are believed to have added overwhelming elegance to bonsai works at the palace that are different from modern bonsai works. Many bonsai lovers long to see bonsai pieces at the palace.

Outstanding among them is a goyomatsu (Japanese white pine) bonsai, titled ”Third Shogun,” which is called the masterpiece of masterpieces. It is a historic item which is believed to have been treasured by Tokugawa Iemitsu (1604-1651), the third shogun (tycoon) of the Tokugawa shogunate government. Its stable form, powerful trunks and good balance with the container carry a sense of history and nature. It is a large bonsai. There are no rivals for the ancient-looking tree.

photo A Japanese white pine bonsai work titled ”Third Shogun,” estimated to be about 550 years old. Measuring about 81 centimeters in height, it is planted in a ”shudei” unglazed pot.

translated by Kyodo News

pot bonsai

Image by andydoro

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