Friday, February 25, 2011

Japanese Bonsai Ceramic Pot - Miniature Tree Container

Description Bonsai is the art of growing trees and shrubs in containers and controlling growth and form through careful pruning in order to create natural looking adult plants in miniature. Originating in China where it is called pinyin, this art form eventually spread to Korea where it is known as bunjae, and finally to Japan in the Heian period (794-1185 AD) where it was adopted as an important form of expression and took on many characteristics of Japanese culture. Bonsai means simply “potted plant” in Japanese yet the apparent simplicity of this name and art is a reflection of the Japanese aesthetic which appreciates unadorned images of nature in which the hand of man is absent or barely visible. Japanese bonsai artists will typically grow their plants outdoors, bringing suitable plants inside for display in order to complement and reflect the current season. About the Listed Item The high quality bonsai ceramic pot offered here is in fine condition with only a small hairline crack and one chip at the lip. Thissmall (please see size information below) glazed pot is less than 40 years old and was acquired in the historic city of Shizuoka, Japan near the foot of Mt. Fuji. Size: Height: 1.4 inches (3.5 centimeters) Length: 3.9 inches (10.0 centimeters) Width: 2.7 inches (7.0 centimeters) Weight: 4.2 ounces (119 grams) item code: R1S3-0002547 category code: (bonsaimono) (niwamono) (niwabasami) ship code: L1650
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