Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ficus nerifolia sumo shohin 8-13-09 Best Shopping Sites

Check out these bonsai nurseries images:

Ficus nerifolia sumo shohin 8-13-09
bonsai nurseries

Image by OpenEye
Here’s my extremely tapered "sumo" style shohin Ficus nerifolia (or salicaria). Shot today, this tree is developing nicely after a slow start in our cold, wet June and July.

What do you think? Should I shorten the first branch? If I leave it long I’ll probably add some vertical direction changes for added interest.

For some reason, this is the first time I’ve added this tree to my Flickr bonsai set. The material originally came from Guy Guidry’s nursery Bonsai Northshore in Covington, LA. Pot is by Kevin Goveia of New Paltz, NY.

bonsai tree nursery
bonsai nurseries

Image by absentmindedprof

Shohin Shimpaku in Kyoto with room key
bonsai nurseries

Image by OpenEye
These are shohin (the second smallest size) shimpaku juniper bonsai at a nursery in Kyoto. Uploaded for the Hotel Keys group.

Best Shopping Sites

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