Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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A few nice buy bonsai images I found:

Ficus nerifolia informal upright – Beginning of a bonsai
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Image by OpenEye
This is the tree as I bought it at Dura-Stone Nursery; Jim Smith’s famous nursery in Vero Beach Florida.

This is textbook quality pre-bonsai material. It was grown over time with excellent taper being created and growth that allowed many of the wounds to heal. Extra branches were left on to allow the final bonsai creator a selection of branches to choose from.

At first glance its already a pretty impressive bonsai. Closer inspection shows problems that would prevent it from being a great tree someday.

42 gratitude: bonsai bond
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Image by puresolitude
i bought this bonsai plant right after adi left. it wilted on me but i still kept it in my room to remind me of the zeteo threes.

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Image by Suviko
Bought dogo a bonsai ‘cos I like to see him tending to his house plants. :)

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