Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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A few nice buy bonsai images I found:

Pimp My Bonsai
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Image by Suviko
A man was selling bonsais from his car. I would have liked to glue them there and cruise around. Whee!

El Fotopakismo explains the scene:
Oh! now that’s a familiar sight!
Actually I usually buy bonsais from those street stalls when I’m in Mexico.
They are quite cheap, like USD each maybe.
Some of them don’t have the "bonsai" look but the hard part of the job is already done (growing it and main prunning)
So if you know the fundamentals of bonsai-making, just buy some of those, prune them as they are supposed to be, and voila!
Bonsai Express!!! :D

I’d buy a Bonsai if I thought I could keep it alive
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Image by andedam
Oslo Botanical Garden June 5, 2005

My Bonsai
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Image by Jalada and Sefran
For my 19th birthday, my mum bought me this bonsai tree which I thought was a really awesome idea. Really gives my room a more lived in feel, definitely something I’m gonna look after and be proud of.

Best Shopping Sites

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