Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Some cool bonsai cats images:

Another Kitty Bonsai Water Thief !!!
bonsai cats

Image by Scott MacLeod Liddle
Paris and Bucky now TAKE TURNS drinking from Mr Matsutake’s water resevoir….the little buggers.

Casual as anything they line up like kids at school for the water bubbler….

i love ‘em for it

The Ghost of Bonsai
bonsai cats

Image by mikecpeck
Not sure why, but this one freaks me out a little.

Lonicera nitida pre-bonsai, May 2010
bonsai cats

Image by 1967geezer
Pot into a terracotta half-pot with Sophisticat pink cat litter.

There are some rather thick branches that could do with removing but I will wait and see what sprouts before I prune any more.

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