Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cool Bonsai Cats images Best Shopping Sites

Some cool bonsai cats images:

Her passion is obvious
bonsai cats

Image by mikecpeck

bonsai cats

Image by girlwparasol

Sam & Bonsai
bonsai cats

Image by Narrow
Sam sigue vivo y coleando con su mirada hipnotizadora. Bonsai, por el contrario, no corrió con la misma suerte, su nacimiento aunque prematuro demostró querer salir adelante y con todo y los cuidados que le dimos una tarde durmió su siesta después de comer y no despertó.

Sam is still alive and hangin’ around with his hipno eyes. Bonsai, by the other way, didn’t run with the same luck, his birth was the hardest for the mother, even with all those odds against him he was already born and with the cares we all provide him it could be possible that he continue his life without troubles, but one afternoon after his snap he didn’t woke up.

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