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Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree III | Nursery Direct from Joebonsai Best Shopping Sites

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree III | Nursery Direct from Joebonsai

  • Direct from the Joebonsai Nursery
  • A Great Bonsai Tree at a Great Price
  • Makes a Unique and Creative Gift
  • Includes Care information and Humidity Tray
  • Satisfaction Unconditionally Guaranteed

Quick Overview

This bonsai tree is a Chinese Elm. Elms stay semi-evergreen when kept indoors, but are deciduous if kept outdoors in warmer climates. This is a great beginner Bonsai; easy to care for with a predictable growth pattern.

Product Description

Chinese Elms are great Bonsais trees. They can be kept indoors or outdoors and, they’re very easy to grow. They stay semi-evergreen if kept inside, but are deciduous if kept out all year. Chinese Elms are a great choice for beginners at b

Price: $ 189.95

Starting small. (David Fukumoto’s Fuku-Bonsai Center): An article from: Hawaii Business

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Citation Details
Title: Starting small. (David Fukumoto’s Fuku-Bonsai Center)
Author: Mari Taketa

List Price: $ 5.95

Price: $ 5.95

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