Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bonsai Kitten squeaky meows Best Shopping Sites

This is Misty but we call her Bonsai. She has spotty leggies and stuff.

i KNOW i waffle TOO much. but therez very little footage to show all what happened, so i HAVE to explain :-0 ok, just let me? :-) this was SOOO funny. i’ve been itching to get some of these water lilies – there a few dams with them in. the road is quiet & i thought the farmer wont mind anyway – the size of dam = more like a lake, with a carpet of water lilies on the surface. anyway i stripped down to the nick & got into the sludge. loads of vegetable matter at the muddy bottom of the dam was decomposing and forming gas bubbles. as my feet disturbed this, they rose to the surface like farting in the bath HAHA. i EVENTUALLY got some roots after MUCH effort cos they so deep & stalks so long, they just kept snapping. i WAS NOT going down head first – so i let my breath out & sank like a frog. felt around in the mud for roots. i got out the dam and was thinking back to our farm in underberg where a farmer would shoot us with bird shot etc if we walked across his farm to climb Bamboo mountain. i laffed & thought if the farmer could see me now. i was drying off with only the cows looking on me in the nick, then comes a van. tada, i grabbed my towel so fast so as not to offend with my nudity… it was a public district farm road BUT this guy was the owner of the dam i found out after introducing myself. he was in more peels of laughter than i was. he looked like the proverbial cheshire cat. i was covered in mud and bright green strands of algae. wish someone could of taken a shot
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