Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bonsai kitten Best Shopping Sites

Check out these bonsai cats images:

Bonsai kitten
bonsai cats

Image by 松林L
For those of you crazy cat lovers, don’t sue me for just having this title.

dainty feet
bonsai cats

Image by mikecpeck
Bonsai always sits property with her tail gently wrapped around her paws. She’s a dainty cat. all 8 lbs of her. until she flops on your face during the night.

my other choices posted here. resisted the rounded corners on this one.

and… how cool is the color of our couch? too bad she shredded the corner of it with those dainty feet….

Bucky’s Burning with Shame…
bonsai cats

Image by Scott MacLeod Liddle
what happened when a thirsty cat jumps on a teak buffet to drink from his favourite bonsai (Mr. Matsutake) and there just happens to be a tea light directly underneath his voluminous pouch?

Well, the results speak for themselves as in the pic.

the smell of burnt hair isn’t a welcome one…

bucky didn’t even realise he was on fire…..the big doofus!

it reminds of that insidious joke, how do you make a cat go "woof!"…. :D

Best Shopping Sites

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