Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bonsai Chinese Elm April 2009Best Shopping Sites

Check out these buy bonsai images:

Bonsai Chinese Elm April 2009
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Image by 1967geezer
As bought from Willowbog at the Best of British Show in Birmingham earlier in the month.

Chinese elm bonsai, Feb 2005
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Image by 1967geezer
As bought from Windybank in Carshalton.

(just uploading old photos for progression completeness)

Korean Hornbeam Forest pic 2 4-18-2009
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Image by OpenEye
I also showed this Korean hornbeam forest. This bonsai was created at the 2003 MidAtlantic Bonsai society festival by my teacher Colin Lewis. I won it in the raffle that year (it helped I bought a LOT of tickets…).

Older photos of this can be found in my Flickr bonsai set.

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