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30 July 2009 Best Shopping Sites

Check out these buy bonsai images:

30 July 2009
buy bonsai

Image by dougbelshaw
In my new study, working on my Ed.D. thesis whilst Hannah and Ben are away in Devon. As I’ve mentioned on Twitter, it’s not the writing that’s the hard part – it’s the synthesizing

Christmas Tree Hunt
buy bonsai

Image by Derek & Sarah Grant
We drove 20 minutes to a town called Kopeng in search of the perfect tree.

When we saw this tree, which looked like a giant bonsai tree, we had to get

Here’s some pictures of the event.

Bargaining for the "right" price for our tree, while checking out some
miniature trees

Ever been harassed to by oranges and mangoes while shopping for a tree?

Well, in Indonesia if a white person walks by, this is what happens. It
started with one lady, and turned into 6!

I’m trying for the 10th time to tell them I have some at home and don’t need

In the end, they won. We just couldn’t take the constant begging anymore and
gave in.

We bought 6 oranges and a mango.

Here’s our tree! Isn’t he great?

Transplanting him to a pot to take home

Best Shopping Sites

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